You don’t Deserve to be Denied


Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
 Matthew 19:26

Monday Motivation: You don’t Deserve to be Denied

When I was sixteen years old and a senior in high school, I was chosen to be part of a new curriculum program that allowed students to work during the week in a specific area of studies. For instance, if you majored in secretarial science, you were placed in a company that helped you learn about the job, while learning occupational skills to better your chances in getting employment after graduation.

While this was an admirable educational opportunity for some of us, I found that the placement in which I was selected did not align with my desire to be a fashion designer.

I was placed in the department under which, “sales” was the employment opportunities they asked me to learn.

Looking back, I recall how furious I was. How dare they ignore me and not take in consideration that if my grades were decent enough to be part of this “new curriculum program”, how about listening to what I want for my life?

Well, a few weeks passed and there I was, placed in a retail store, selling hosiery. I was paid, get this, one dollar and ten cents an hour. My duties required me to keep the merchandise straight, removing empty hosiery boxes and directing all customers to the owner. I did not one sale!

After this trying experience, I went to my teacher and informed him that I was dissatisfied with my placement and that I had no desire to be employed in any store.

“I don’t like working in a store. ” I recalled lamenting to my teacher as we stood outside the classroom.

My teacher, who was tall, thin and greying looked over his thick glasses into my eyes, and gently pulled me away from the classroom door.

In a hush whisper he asked me. “Why don’t you want to work in retail? ”

I continue with my complaint to him.

“Because I want to be a fashion designer! ”

There was a moment of silence and then the unthinkable came from my teacher’s lips.

“I’m sorry…but there are no Negro fashion designers…stick with sales! ”

That advice could have destroyed me if I had taken time to allow it to do so…but I didn’t.

Now, for the record. I will not declare my teacher to be a racist. Because he wasn’t. It was the times in which we were living and the civil rights in the sixties were just making headway for change.

Sharing this story hopefully will motivate you to un-think the impossible. At times, people who mean well will stumble by giving discouraging advice. Even though they intend to be of help, at times, what they say only becomes yet, another obstacle in which you have to jump over.

After all these many years, I have not given up on being a fashion designer. At this present moment, I and my sisters are working on a specialty line of clothing that with God’s help, will be available in the near future.

If any encouragement and motivation I can give you…it is this. You don’t deserve to be denied.

Put your faith and trust in the only One who knows exactly who and what you can be.

Jesus is His name.

In Him alone

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