Wrong Mission Field

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. Matthew 7:5

Last week President Obama visited Kenya and Ethiopia.

Kenya is the homeland of President Obama’s late father and so a portion of his trip dealt with reuniting with his Kenyan relatives.

As with any presidential trip the world press followed every public moment of Mr. Obama’s visit.

And with his visit President Obama had a joint press conference with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Obama of course played to the press but one of the interesting exchanges I found quite priceless was when our president found the need to talk about equal treatment of people and in particular those in the gay community.

From my perspective, I believe that President Obama thought that after his statement about human rights being violated for those in the gay community in Kenya, that somehow he would either get a non-verbal nod from President Kenyatta as to surrendering to the super power who pours in millions of dollars to Kenya.

But, much to Mr. Obama’s bravado stance, the host leader of Kenya told him that the gay rights situation in his country was a “non-issue.”

Now, I don’t know how President Obama could even bring up the topic about gay rights when right in his own backyard in America. Human rights are being violated every day.

It is easy to observe the problems of another and not first horn in on one’s own.

I can only speculate that Mr. Obama probably assumed that his oratorical talent would give him another notch on his already list of speeches of transforming the minds and lives of many.

But his oratorical talent fell on deaf ears for Mr. Kenyatta.

You see, President Obama was on the wrong mission field.

His desire to see human rights take place in Kenya must first take place here in America.

He can even start in his adopted city of Chicago.

The degree in which young people are being murdered is simply horrific and no way can one turn their eyes from the tragedies in his city. And we need not look away from police brutality, wage disparities, homelessness and the lack of quality education and work-related skills for a growing majority of young and middle-aged Americans.

However, just like President Obama was on the wrong mission field, so are many of our black churches today who want to go to Africa to save Africans when right outside of our own church doors, are people in need of our love, compassion and assistance.

Yet, many black churches here in America have converted to the early nineteen century pattern to traveling to the continent of Africa to try to indoctrinate souls to abide by a Western style religion, as oppose to, sharing Christ as He is, without false teachings and the shallowness of personal wealth.

The wrong mission field can be avoided when we ask God to show us what is really in our own heart.

Is it to attain world power or is it for Him?

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