Why Christians Are Hated

1 Peter 3:17 – For [it is] better, if the will of God be so, that ye suffer for well-doing, than for evil doing.

“I am so tired of you hypocrites trying to run people lives! Y’all need to clean your own house and stop getting up and other folks business!”

These words are stinging. Even when they weren’t being spoken directly to me, this type of sentiment from someone who has been wounded and mislead within the church is heartfelt pain being exposed.

And the persons who speak these words are people who have been spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically wounded by the falseness that was shown towards them when they were in the church.

“Christians are the biggest fakes in the world. All they do is pretend to care for people. They always talking about, loving their neighbors and forgiving folks…but they don’t know how to love or to forgive.”

Yes, these are words that also resonates truth and facts to the person speaking from their pain.

There is something to say much about why Christians are hated.

And there are also many reasons why Christians are reviled and despised throughout the world today.

The truth of the matter is that Christians are hated when we do not live or abide by the Word of God and follow Jesus example.

Right now, we have more young people leaving the church building than being drawn to Christ.

Part of the problem is that when a fellow believer is found to have done something against the young and gullible under the guise of the Word of God, these young believers are usually given a “scriptural pass” to get on with their lives, when they need to be held, nurture and assured that they were not to be blame.

But listening to others who are believers or non-believers doesn’t happen as often as it should. Instead, people who wish to express their feelings or provide critical information concerning another believer is scorn and ignore.

It is difficult to accept this truth. But God will chastise a believer through a non-believer, just to so that Christians can pay heed to what He expects of us. Think about it.

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