When Will It End?

The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, And saves such as have a contrite spirit. Psalm 34:18

Fox 29 News

She is beautiful but broken.

Her tears and the cracking of her voice nearly brought me to tears.

What she thought was going to be an enjoyable night out with classmates, later turned out to be yet another vicious attack by mean-spirited people using social media.

The news story of a student attending her junior prom and being harassed on social media brings to light once again that there are some individuals who are using social media as technology for human destruction.

This young lady felt beautiful outwardly and wanted nothing else but to engage in the excitement of being able to have good memories of her high school days.

Yet, this did not totally happen for her.

She never imagined that updating her status and sharing her junior prom photos would give her heartbreak and disappointment.

The comments were hurtful and ugly.

Those who found it a source of fun in attacking and putting this young lady down may have found themselves feeling superior, however, those who hurt are usually the real ones hurting the most.

The story however doesn’t end with this young lady’s harassment but rather her witnessing that there are people who are sensitive and use social media to uplift rather than tear down someone’s self-esteem.

Then right after the prom story comes the disabled student who found himself, hitting another student and a fight flares up.

However,, the content of this news story was the lack of empathy the students who sat watching and some ignoring these two students fighting each other.

And if nothing was more blatant in the video is to be noted that some of the students were taking pictures and making videos of the fight on their phone.

Yet, God used another student to step in and put an end to the fight.

And last but not least, there was the berating of an autistic young gentleman working at the airport, unaware that he would be the object of a put-down to be seen by the millions of followers of a well-known entertainer.

Just think. Here are three news stories with the central problem of individuals misusing technology to destroy and to think, the world wide web was intended to bring us together…but, I guess a number of users never got the memo.

The question is.

When will it end?

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