When History Repeats Itself

It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. Psalm 118:8

Bernie Sanders Stirs Up Crowd at High School (Jan 2016)

“Child, you don’t go following people blindly. ”

Those words still remain ingrained in my mind.

My grandmother was giving me advice when I was in my teens because I had become enamored with the hippies in California.

Whenever a news story on television would cover the hippies and their wild, free, peace and love carefree life in California, I was glued to the screen and my heart was racing as to the opportunity to be with the “in crowd. ”

It looked to me that these young white kids knew what life was about. They were rejecting society’s traditions and carving out a whole new world just for the young.

I was indeed thinking I could at any moment pack a little bag and head out of Philly and find my way to the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco. Once there, I would figure things out as to which communes I could find that were open to accepting a creative and carefree black teenager.

Of course, I never made my way to California because of two big reasons. Grandma and fear!

Yes, my grandmother was full of profound wisdom but at the time, I never recognize how much her sound advice would in my adulthood be echoing through my lips to my own children and grandchildren.

I resolved to write about a truth that will be perceived by some as another “racial blame game. ” but I can assure you it is not.

What I believe as a fact and have and continue to be subjected to over these many decades of my life is that people don’t change in attitude and perceptions when it comes to race, class and economics, especially, here in America.

Racism unfortunately is evil and sadly, it continues to separate us.

A few days ago, I had a very insightful conversation with my younger daughter (a millennial) regarding the political climate taking place right now.

My daughter is presently serving outside the U.S. but she is constantly updated and aware of who the players are in the two main political parties.

So, as a parent, I wanted to get her opinion about this phenomenon youth swell for Bernie Sanders.

“Just what is the big attraction for Bernie Sanders? ” I asked with an attentive ear.

“Well, for one thing. They say he’s been consistent for the past fifty years. ”

From that point on, I listened and took mental notes, then, as a typical parent might react, I gave my opinion on what I believe draws the infantile to Senator Sanders.

“Let me tell you something. ” I told my daughter. “Bernie Sanders represents a bygone era that left their counter-partners (minorities) behind. You see, a majority of those hippies in the sixties now reside in that “establishment” world they rejected. And for those who are in the minority class, we got ignored…and do you know why? Because, the fun and appeal these young white kids had of rejecting their parents and the establishment had run its course. And as to be expected.  They happily went back home feeling that they had accomplished something. And in part they did. They created businesses that commercialize their wayward years and some became successful and wealthy (the irony of it all).

My daughter stayed silent for a moment and then she spoke.

“Well, I haven’t decided on who I will vote for yet”

And then our conversation went in another direction.

Yes, the appeal of Bernie Sanders has taken on another Haight-Asbury fantasy with all this youthful vigor but eventually, reality kicks in…especially for those in the “minority class” who are still struggling to understand…why we keep getting sucked up with emotional hype that guarantees the architects of the game everything they desire and the minority players once again become the losers.

This political season and those in the future is too important to drop the ball…I learned that the hard way a few years ago and relinquish my political affiliations with both major parties to go independent.

Like my grandmother told me.

Child, you just don’t go following people blindly.

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