Has the Well Run Dry

Two New York Police officers have been killed and their families mourn their passing, as so does, all who care about human life.

During this short period of time over the Christmas holiday, other lives have also been cut off by violence and a few by the hands of police officers who declared that they were either confronted with bodily harm or feared for their own lives. Either way, life, regardless of color, race, gender or ethnicity, life is too precious to be violently taken away.

With the onslaught of so many daily protesting, it makes me wonder, has the well run dry for black folks?

After the civil rights protests in the sixties and the bravery of thousands of unsung heroes who had to endure years of segregation, Jim Crow laws, KKK hangings, chain-gang prisons and discrimination in employment and housing, it appears that the history of this era is being swept under the rug by some segments of America.

The question black folks in 2014 have to ask ourselves going forward is, has the well run dry that the world no longer cares about our plight in America, because we as a people, never kept the “promise” to continue onward, after Martin and Malcolm ceased to be.

To be blunt, black folks aren’t gaining the same traction as in the sixties, because we have invested our lives in those we claim, hate us. We have given our talents and gifts to those who disdain our existence and who would rather see us always in a role of needing them as oppose to us helping ourselves.

Has the well run dry? Of course not!

But as long as black folks continue to accept what others want to give us as truth, we are destined to lose who we are as a people and who God created us to be.

Moving ahead in 2015, the black community must engage in a spiritual warfare that not only has power to overcome our adversaries but bring change within our lives and give glory to God.

The well in which Jesus met the Samaritan woman at was proof that His living water was able to redeem, revise and renew what was believed to have been lost.

When the Samaritan woman spoke to Jesus, she felt in her heart that a change had come.

And so it shall be for the oppressed, poor and needy among us…the well hasn’t run dry…Jesus is our Living Water!

Looking forward to what great things God will do…for His glory and His honor alone.

2015, the Year of our Lord!

In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian