Voiceless Voters

Do they not go astray who devise evil? But mercy and truth belong to those who devise good. Proverbs 14:22

Last week, while reading an article about the Clinton and Sanders campaign in Nevada, I found myself also reading the comments section just to gauge the opinions of other readers.

One glaring comment took my attention, as I could only assume that this is a young white progressive who seemed to continually weave his or her opinion about the democratic election and that their choice for the presidency is Senator Bernie Sanders.

Upset that the commenters weren’t all Sanders supporters and in particular, black commentators, this young person got down right to be politically ignorant in sizing up black folks.

“Black people vote against their own best interest.”

Say what?

At first I was offended but then after a few hours of rolling the comment in my thoughts, I realized that this young commentator, regardless if I was in agreement with their viewpoint, was telling the truth from their personal perspective.

Have black people voted against our own best interest?

I would have to say yes. But not for the reasons as to this misguided young commentator has concluded.

Black folks vote against our best interest whenever we don’t go to the polling place!

Local, state and regional elections are oftentimes ignored by a segment of black voters who believe only the big elections count.

Voter apathy is alive and unfortunately well in the black community.

And the worse of this apathy is how many young black folks in particular are constantly being misled by both political parties. Either one party is going to love you to death while promising a free ticket to the land of giveaways. Or the other party is going to overload you with insults that make you decry ever having a desire for wanting the giveaways.

Looking back on 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, the hope and change crowd was misguided to believe that all it takes is for one black man to come into office and all one’s problems would be solved. That never happen. And why not?

Because apathy set-in during the senate races and the minor party overtook the majority party. That’s where the Party of No continues to succeed. They vote all the time and know their opponents are just not into off-year voting.

So, what more can one say? The yes we can chants during Obama’s campaign and the burning for Bernie crowds is mistakenly unaware that the shift of power to the poor and disenfranchise will never occur until the people stop being voiceless voters during the off-season.

Federal politics are all well and good but power first starts at the local level.

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