Until You Do Something


The sleep of a labouring man is sweet, whether he eat little or much: but the abundance of the rich will not suffer him to sleep. Ecclesiastes 5:12

Today is Labor Day and I give thanks to those men and women in the various labor unions who stand for others in wanting better working conditions and fair wages.                                

The unions today however are dwindling in numbers.

U.S. companies continue to outsource or sell their businesses to International conglomerates.

It is not surprising that U.S. Workers are continually being redefined as being valueless and denied decent wages and benefits.

We in America have let our guard down when it comes to protecting the rights of men and women who work hard to have a quality of life that their grandparents were afforded.

In the past thirty years, American workers have seen their middle class existence take a nose dive.

And who can we thank for this downward turn?

How about the two major political parties to begin with?

Yes, the Democratic and Republican parties who have obtained more personal wealth than their constituents who they are elected to serve.

Let’s face it, that the choice of these two major political parties to back corporations with deep pockets and sway their way of thinking has indeed caused many Americans to lose their jobs or have to take a reduction in pay and benefits.

Another contributor that is working against labor unions is NAFTA.

When American workers who are considered to be unskilled labors are pushed to “take it or leave it” as a no other option course, the wave of this injustice pushed them to finally stop and push back against the powers-to-be.

Protesting fast-food employees, hotel housekeepers, dishwashers and hospital aides are showing those in power how greater the power they have when they are all united as one.

Subsequently, it comes down to each individual to take a stand against unfair labor practices, regardless, if you are in a decision-making position or hold the less attractive job in the company.

Until you do something, change will never happen.

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