Top Ten News Stories That Will Affect You

What are the top ten news stories that will affect you? There are more than ten but I thought it was important to share the most current at this time.

Let’s be honest,  early morning and evening news only gives the viewer a hit and run mention of important issues that affect John Q. Public.

But yet, the news media spends an enormous amount of time inundating us with celebrity gossip, what to wear and what not to eat or drink segments.

Here is the list with the link for you to read at your leisure time.

1. Tax Refunds Will Be Cut for Affordable Care Act Recipients (That’s Obamacare and Earned Income Credit…)

2. One in Four Americans Open To Secede   (Remember the Civil War?)

3. Number of Americans Fighting With Terrorist   (The Scare them to death Factor)

4. Ebola     (Center for Disease Control Warning U.S. Hospitals to Prepare for Possible Ebola Outbreak)

5. Why Are The Honey Bees Disappearing   (Honey Bees pollinate crops)

6. LinkedIn  (Email Addresses Exposed)

7. Breach At Goodwill     (Credit and Debit Cards Nationwide list of stores)

8. Adobe Reader & Acrobat (Critical Updates-Sept 2014)

9. 10 Most Dangerous Places for Christians

10. The Lie About Slavery   (How the U.S. Economy and power)

Finally, I thought you might enjoy the 180 movie. It isn’t for children but worth the watch.

In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian