Tired of Being Taken Advantage Of


Are you tired of being taken advantage of?

Have you ever asked someone close to you, “Who do you think I am?”

This morning I pondered that question. Who do people say that I am? This is a question that Jesus asked His disciples also. It’s a simple question. But it does pack a whole lot of information.

You see, of late, I have been examining my life and the things I have done…and the things I hope to do. In between of the things I’ve done and the things I hope to do, it suddenly hit me that a part of my life has actually been controlled by what others believe or think that I am capable of doing exclusively for them and their needs.

In reality, a percentage of people tend to give permission for other people to pick and choose who they are. Crazy, isn’t it?

Of course, no one likes to be taken advantage of. I know I don’t. And I also know I have been guilty of doing the same.

I was also thinking of how many of those close to me have actually asked me, “What are your plans for the future? And tell me what changes are you making in your life at this time?”

Now, to be honest, if someone asked me those two questions, I could immediately give them an answer.

But no one asks and I unfortunately, don’t let them know that I am someone who is evolving for the better and making every attempt to move beyond the place where they first met me. And that would be over a course of my lifetime, ten years ago or today.

In other words…I am not a stagnant individual. I enjoy change. And redundancy is the death of any living spirit.

Having come to the conclusion for myself, I have decided that I will ask a few family members and friends over the course of the next two weeks, to tell me exactly who they think I am.

This little exercise isn’t to make anyone feel uncomfortable but rather, an opening for me, to share who and what I am about, at this present time…and for them to do the same.

One message that I am embracing each day is this…“Never let anyone define who God called you to be”

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