Thursday Parable: Church Gladiators

gladiators. Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

I have been very prayerful about in what direction that this blog should take. After all, it was my intention to post interesting, informative, engaging and lighthearted writings that will serve a purpose. As with change, it is important that the change be relevant and impactful to my readers who I truly appreciate.

So, starting today, I want to introduce you to “Parable Thursday.”

Parable Thursday is all about sharing a story that illustrates the good, bad and ugly of church folks (that would include me too).

Jesus taught in parables and I could find no other excellent Teacher to follow, such as Him.

Thursday Parable: Church Gladiators is our first parable.

When I come to think about blood sport two specific groups of people come to mind.

Ancient Rome Gladiators and Church Gladiators.

In Ancient times in Rome, male slaves, captured combatants and Christians would often be chosen to be Roman Gladiators. They had no choice in the matter.

Those selected to be Gladiators were trained to be in violent confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals and condemned criminals.

Gladiators were given special treatment if they slew their opponents. Special treatment however didn’t mean their freedom.

The only adulation Gladiators were given was the raucous blood thirsty cheers of the crowd in the Colosseum.

Thumbs up or down would be the decision of death or life.

The gladiators in Rome however might seem like amateurs compared to Church Gladiators.

Church Gladiators is a name I coined for Christians who embark on condemning their beloved brothers and sisters in Christ for the sole purpose of control.

Church Gladiators are dangerous and if not checked, they can bring havoc throughout the entire congregation.

Church meetings can be blood sport like during the period of Ancient Rome.

I found that out at a recent church meeting.

Nothing surprised me however about what transpired.

You see, I had prayed and fasted that entire day.

God had already prepared me for the battle.

How so?

With His Word, His Strength, His Truth and His Peace…I had nothing to fear.

Quite frankly, I found the meeting to be another reason to stay deeper in the Word of God.

What was distasteful to witness were the attitudes some members, not all, showed in resolving issues that at the end, God Himself will make the final decisions.

But God at times have allowed His people to choose and the results have always been disastrous.

Church Gladiators wear a serious demeanor. The choice weapons they like to carry is anger, bitterness, pettiness, name calling and spiritless conviction that they are “always right” because they have been saved for years or because they have a church title.

By the time the meeting closed, with prayer, I might add, some of the Church Gladiators were giddy like they had slewed their opponents so badly, they dare not lift their heads up to see another day.

One elder sister was smiling like a Cheshire cat. I could almost visualize the fresh blood spewing from her lips, gleeful perhaps that it wasn’t she who was in the arena this time but another fellow Christian whose fresh carcass would eventually be discarded before the next meeting.

When I arrived home later in the evening I felt battle fatigue. But not as a loser. A winner.

You see, I had put on the hold armor of God. And that’s what you have to do whenever you are facing Church Gladiators.

Like I tell my children and grandchildren, if God be for you, who can be against you? Forgive and move on. That’s what Christians are supposed to do.

As always, we are to Trust God. Because the battle is not yours, it belongs to the Lord. Remember, that Satan is our enemy not our brothers and sisters in Christ.

During your Bible reading time, I think you will find the story about the rebellion that Moses and Aaron faced in the Book of Numbers, Chapter 16   to be a very interesting truth about anyone making a decision to go against God’s instructions.

In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian