The Woman in the Window

               Proverbs 6:6 – Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:

When I was attending high school, I had to use public transportation. Students at the time who lived out of the distance had to purchase bus tokens to get around.  646px-Philadelphia_Transportation_Company_(PTC)_Bridge_Line_&_Fare_Tokens

There were no yellow school buses rolling in our neighborhood. And if you did get the opportunity to ride on the yellow school bus it was merely to take school trips to what Philly is best known for and that would be there American historical places, such as, Betsy Ross House, the Old Constitutional Hall and the Liberty Bell.

My senior high school days riding back and forth to school on public transportation had some very interesting life lessons.

One lesson I learned while riding on the bus, was no matter the circumstances in your life, pursue your dreams, regardless if you fail, the attempt is far more a greater success, than never have tried at all.

liftarn-WindowThis lesson came by way of the woman in the window.

The woman in the window lived on the first floor in a brownstone apartment building along the major corridor of where the bus I rode from school went pass.

This woman in the window had made a resting place for herself. Tall windows with torn curtains pulled back, with a deflated bed pillow laid across the window sill for her elbows to rest comfortably upon was the landscape in which she made for herself.

The woman in the window always had her window wide open. She leaned out from that window every day without fail.

When I would sit on the bus and we would be approaching the street where the woman in the window lived, I couldn’t imagine what she found so appealing about watching cars, trucks and buses pass by her.

Later, I began to feel sorry for the woman in the window because I thought she may not have had anything worthwhile to get her to come outside and sit on the steps.

As the school year was ending, one day, the woman in the window was not there. My thoughts were all over the place. Was she sick? Was she dead? Or had she finally decided to put an end to watch traffic and was now making her way towards living a fulfilling life.

I really don’t know what happen to the woman in the window but what I do know is that her inaction made me proactive not to grow into adulthood, just sitting at a window, looking out as the world goes by.

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