The Wait is Over

The LORD appeared to Abraham near the great trees of Mamre while he was sitting at the entrance to his tent in the heat of the day.  Genesis 18:1

Abraham sat quietly and peacefully at the tent door, waiting to receive an answer to a long-awaited prayer.

Abraham desired a son.

His wait was twenty-five years. And between those years, Abraham and his helpmate Sarah dealt with obstacles that challenge their marriage, family ties and relationships with others.

Most importantly is that Abraham had twenty-five years to build up his trust and faith in God.            happy-fourth-of-july-GodBlessAmerica

Abraham heart desire was to have an heir (Genesis 21:5).

Someone he could leave his possessions with.

Now, most of us would presume that Abraham just wanted to leave his material possessions with his heir.

But I contend that Abraham in his twenty-five years of waiting was growing strong in the Word of God and he, that is, Abraham, had a greater and worthier possession that he wanted to pass on to his heir.

That possession was his personal relationship and experience with God and the miraculous that was continually taking place in his life and others.

Abraham’s promise from the Lord could not be seen by human eyes.

This unseen promise is what is known as hope and faith.

If you take some time to read Hebrews, in particular, Hebrews Chapter 11, you will find that there were many like Abraham who waited to see their prayers answer.

Right now, someone is reading this post and may be thinking that they don’t have twenty-five years to wait for their prayers to be answered. They need an immediate response and delay is only causing them more anxiety and disappointment. They are literally at their wits end. And if God won’t answer or rescue them, then, they have no other option but to do it for themselves.

However, if anything we can all learn from Abraham’s God experience is that he wasn’t just seated at the tent door haven’t done nothing as he waited.

No. Abraham was always taking action and not standing in one place.

Abraham was continually moving and in each new place, finding great success and at times confrontation.

Abraham was experiencing God and knew that He would show up at any time.

And God did show up.

One day your wait will be over.

In the meanwhile, keep moving…keep praying…keep believing…for soon, your wait will be over.

And so after waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised. Hebrews 6:15

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