The Unhappy Clown

Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins. I John 4:10

Monday Inspiration: The Unhappy Clown

When I was just about ten years old, I attended a circus-type show with my class at a local theatre. The star of the show was a magician who did all sorts of tricks that seem unimaginable to the eyes. After the show the class was told that we would be able to ask questions of some of the performers.

For me, the thought of even getting up close to a performer was daunting. Despite the fact that these performers may not have been well-known, they still were doing something I assumed they wanted and loved to do.

Now, as I can recall, there was one performer, a clown, that was stand-offish and he appeared to be the least bit interested in a bunch of children gawking at him.     ferguweb-clown

When I and another classmate went over to talk to him and to get his autograph, he was quite rude and abrupt to us.

I remember telling him that I also wanted to be in show business.

And you know what this clown, said to me?

Not one word.

He just snatched my show program and scribbled his name on a page that didn’t even have his picture on it.

My classmate quickly ran away to be with the teacher, leaving me with this unpleasant clown.

But I stood there, unknowingly naïve as to understand that this performer, a clown, was really in his true character.

He was a miserable man dressed in a clown suit.

Still standing next to the clown, I asked him another question.

This time, he grunted and mumbled something under his gruff, tobacco smelling breath.

Now, I don’t know what possess me to still continue to engage with this unhappy clown, but I did.

Holding my show program, I stared at the unhappy clown.

He looked over at me and snorted.

By now, I just wanted to run over to the rest of my class.

But I didn’t.

There was silence between me and the unhappy clown.

Then, out of nowhere, the clown spoke to me.

“So, you want to be in show business, huh?”

I nodded my head.

I was too petrified to speak.

Just about when I thought the clown was going to give me some advice.

He yawned loudly and winked at me.

I stood like a wooden nutcracker.

In hindsight, I think he also smiled at me.

But, then out of nowhere, my ears trembled to hear this loud snotty like cough and sneezing, coming from the clown.

His sneezing was really gross and I found myself wiping off tiny particles of his wet breath on my hand and arm.

With as much energy as I could muster in my skinny legs, I ran as quickly as I could away from him.

The next day, the teacher had the nerve to ask the class what impress us the most about the show performers.

I had wanted to lie and say how marvelous they all were. However, something in my little head wouldn’t let me do that.

Suddenly, it was my turn to respond to the question.

“Okay, you’re next…what performer impressed you the most?”

I stood frozen for a moment.

Then replied to the question the best I could.

“Well. ” I said. “It was the unhappy clown.”

My classmates started laughing at my answer.

After school, my teacher asked me to stay so that she could speak with me.

Of course, she was curious to know why I thought the clown was unhappy.

And all I could remember telling her was that the unhappy clown was doing something he didn’t want to do, but he was still doing it just to make us kids happy.

My teacher leaned over and gave me a hug.

Years later, I look back over that incident and realize that is probably how God feels every day.

He’s unhappy with what we do, but He is still willing to be with us and to bring us joy!

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