The New Old

And David danced before the LORD with all his might; and David was girded with a linen ephod. 2 Samuel 6:14

When I was growing up, I could pretty much identify who were the older adults in the family and in our neighborhood.

Being old back then almost made one seem to have been close to dying.

Hairstyles that the women wore were pinned down or pull-back into a bun.

The men seem to bald at an early age and it wasn’t unusual to see them sporting hats.

Even the clothing appeared to have been heavy and dark.

Women dressed in dresses, length below the knees.

While the man’s apparel was usually grey suits.

And l can’t forget the dark tied up shoes which some women fancy themselves in and were called “old lady comforts.”

Nevertheless, those growing older in my eyes as a young child seemed to be dreadful and miserable.

Even thinking about growing old made me want to stop the life clock before I even attained the age of twenty.

But thank God for progress and the way Baby Boomers began to think about our lifestyles and how we wanted to live past the ripe old age of forty.

Pulling out old family photos today still amazes me of how men and women, were dressing and acting old before their time.

Growing older when I was coming along meant hearing older adults speak about making sure their life insurance policy was all paid up.

Some older people at the time even had a lay-a-way funeral plan arranged with their local funeral home establishment.

Now that I am moving up and age, I realize that the best part of living is way past the age of thirty, forty, fifty and even ninety!

If you look at active seniors today you will agree that this new old isn’t what it used to be.

The new old doesn’t look, act or think like the old in the past.

And I say, thank God for that!

And so, for me, it baffles the heck out of me when I hear someone dwell constantly on the subject of dying when they are living and breathing beings.

People who set their life clock on how old they are and say, “That’s why I can’t do that” have a defeatist attitude and don’t have faith to trust God for His strength and endurance.

Yes, people do grow older everyday but it is really the way in which one sees life.

Is age restraining you?

Or are you restraining age and now living each day to the fullest?

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