The Immune System

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Our monthly health blogger Kat Robertson is just what we need in these times of fast foods and unhealthy lifestyles. As always, Kat brings us a wealth of information about taking care of our total being! Enjoy the post.

It is common knowledge that having a healthy immune system is necessary in order to ward off sickness and disease. Mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their infants so that their baby’s health is fortified outside of the womb. There is a plethora of information on the subject, but I want to focus on what has been determined to be at the heart of a strong immune system.

Plasma cells or white blood cells pump out large volumes of antibodies and these plasma cells are released into the bloodstream and lymph. They seek out antigens (foreign invaders) and destroy them. The bulk of your immune system however is not in your lymph nodes, 70% of your entire immune system resides in your digestive system. So we need to begin here if we want our bodies to function optimally the way they were created. Researchers have determined that significant portions of our immune cells reside in our gastrointestinal system.

In order to support a healthy immune system you need to not only take Vitamins C and D, eliminate junk food from your diet and get sufficient sleep but you need to also feed your digestive system probiotic. Probiotics are live bacterial microorganisms that can be ingested to support digestion and fortify the balance of good vs. bad intestinal bacteria. This is especially important after taking antibiotics.

You can be sure of getting healthy probiotics in your diet a couple of ways. One is to eat naturally fermented foods such as Greek yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha and Korean kimchi. Research shows that bacteria found in fermented foods can support the immune system throughout the body. Naturally fermented foods are the optimal choice but it may be difficult to eat them everyday and in the right quantities. Taking a probiotic supplement is another option to ensure that you are adding probiotics to your diet..

There are many on the market; however, I would advise against probiotic supplements that are derived from dairy products. These require refrigeration. You have no way of knowing how, or if they were refrigerated during the production process, or if they sat in the sun prior to loading onto refrigerated trucks for distribution.

Your best bet is to take probiotics that do not require refrigeration; that are made from fermented kiwis, purple grapes, sprouted purple maze and reishi mushrooms. Each of these ingredients individually provide strong immune support yet when combined, the synergistic effect is quite potent. There is a supplement on the market that includes all of these ingredients called ProBiotixx.

With the internet you have limitless research potential so do your due diligence. Find the supplements to support your dietary choices that are effective. Make the necessary changes in your diet to support healthy digestion and you are making the right choice in building a strong immune system.

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