The Humor of Christianity

Psalms 2:4 – He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

I believe that some Christians take life too seriously.

From my viewpoint, these brothers and sisters in Christ will attempt to find scripture to crack down on having fun.

Having a sense of humor does not constitute a sin. At least I haven’t found it in the Bible.

But you do have Christians who look down on those of us who want to share in a good joke, prank or partake of a comedy show or movie.

And for what reason you may ask? Only they can answer that.

Maybe they believe that God resents laughter.

Having a sense of humor is part of the character of God.

How else can you explain His creating man in His image and likeness and then turning everything on earth to be under man’s dominion?

What I have discovered is that smiling and laughter can be a great treatment for mental and physical health.

Nevertheless, it is sad that the humor of Christianity is being ridiculed by some Christians as blasphemy.

One day I found myself at a church event. The guest pastor opened with a humorous story that was tied into his message.

Well, the story was indeed funny but several members of that congregation did not respond by laughter but rather in disgust. If you could imagine the produce section of your local market with nothing but lemons, then you are looking at the faces of those members.

To be upfront with you they were just too dignified and refined, so they thought, to have someone before them trying to break the ice. And believe me those members could have made more money selling lemonade that day than expecting a big pull from the freewill offering.

The humor of Christianity should be an integral part of every Christian diet. Probably if it were, the world would be prone more to laugh with us than at us.

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