The Elephant in the Pew

Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity I Timothy 4:12

Elephant in the Pew

There is an elephant in the pew.

Every church, regardless of denomination, racial or ethnic make-up has an elephant in the pew.

Here is the sad thing about the elephant in the pew. The elephant in the pew doesn’t even realize that they are the only one weighing down the church from moving forward.

The elephant in the pew doesn’t welcome or like change.

You see, the elephant in the pew believes over a period of time that they have the authority and predominance over every member and ministry in the church, even the pastor.

When the elephant enters the church, you can hear their thunderous walk, as they make their way to their preferred pew.

The elephant in the pew most of the time will exhibit a sense of entitlement and arrogance. They have a keen sense of memory about what is wrong with the church and its members. Yet, they will never take it upon themselves to look in the mirror, and within their own lives, which may have a more glaring crack than the person or persons they are railing an accusation against.

The elephant in the pew appears docile and approachable; however, if not using caution, this same elephant will stomp all over you.

Yes, the elephant in the pew doesn’t recognize that their roaring has caused a great deal of spiritual harm, especially, to the young.

The elephant in the pew sits proudly, looking over what he or she thinks to be those weak in the Word (Bible) and its understanding.

This elephant in the pew has no sense of sympathy. The attitude of the elephant is that they do not have to give respect to those who don’t align with the elephant herd.

Quiet as it is kept, the elephant in the pew has caused more stampedes out of the house of God than keeping and bringing the lost in.

But while we may have an elephant in the pew, even so, we must show love and mercy, as Christ has shown us.

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