The C Word

Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

==Healthy Wednesday==

“Please don’t mention that word to me again…I don’t want to hear it. Keep the C word to yourself.”

I stood to the side and shook my head. It was a conversation that was taking place in the hospital and I just happened to be in earshot of hearing a mother stress to her adult child about a diagnosis that made my heart sink.

“But you have to be realistic about this thing,” the mother told her child.                                                                         leec1

“I am being realistic. And if I tell you that I don’t want to hear it again…that’s what I mean!” declared the woman’s daughter.

Turning around and heading back to the hospital lobby, I sank in the first chair I got too.

Lord knows that I have had my shared of medical emergencies and hospital stays. However, this time around, I had escorted a friend to the emergency room.

My patience was wearing thin. And I could feel my heart racing each time the sirens reached the entry doors and the EMT staff pulled someone out of the van and rolled them through the automatic doors.

As I attempted to preoccupy myself with strolling through my smart phone, my thoughts kept going back to the conversation between the mother and daughter.

The mother voice was trembling and shaky. Yet, her young adult child’s voice sounded strong, confident, and without fear.

Every so often I would look around to see how many patients were being called to the triage. I was playing this head game to keep me occupied from boredom and from dwelling on the C word myself.

It wasn’t long before my friend emerged from the treatment room. Everything was fine except for her having a bad case of indigestion and the need to go home and get some rest.

As we were preparing to leave, the mother I had overheard talking with her daughter came out.

The mother whisked passed me and out the automatic doors to the parking lot. Soon after, her daughter came out and sat in the waiting area. At that moment, I was compelled to go over and just encourage her.

It took all the faith I had to speak to this young woman. But I did.

“I’m sorry about your situation…I will be praying for you.”

The young woman looked up at me and smiled. “Thank you.”

I introduced myself to her and my friend.

The three of us had an awkward moment, seeing we were all strangers.

Then, much to our surprise, the young woman was encouraging me.

“You know, I don’t care what the doctors told me. I have faith to believe that Christ has already healed me.”

Walking to the car, my friend and I were shouting with praise and joy. Especially me!

That C word that she never spoke of turned out to be the C name of promise.

Christ! She was declaring Christ as her Healer and that gave me such peace to know that the C word has no power over Christ.

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