Testing Faith

Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. James 1:3


This past Thursday afternoon, my middle daughter called me.

I assumed she was calling me just to talk.

But much to my surprise, she called with news that shook the core of me.

“Mom, did you know about the hurricane in Dominica and that four people had died?”

I felt my heart sink.

“No. I didn’t know anything about the storm,” I informed her. Then, I immediately hung up and went online to find out what was going on.

After seeing the devastation from the tropical storm Erika, I began praying and calling on the name of Jesus.

Scripture lay in my heart and I wasn’t about to give my faith over to fear.

Shocked at what I was reading, I then reached for the phone to dial our youngest child.

Our daughter is in Dominica.

She has spent the past year volunteering as a teacher and right away, I needed to know, was she safe.

Her phone kept ringing.

The next thing I did was sent out an email to my pastor, family, friends and to those within my prayer circle.

As my eyes fixed itself on various news reports concerning this storm, I had to balance myself steady and not panic to the point that I would push Jesus out of the situation.

Despite the fact that I was indeed nervous, I never waver in the trust I have in the Lord.

I kept praying and at the same time, remembering one of my favorite scriptures…“greater is He (Jesus) that is in you (me), than he that is in this world.” (I John 4:4)

As the hours slowly ticked away, I picked up the phone and called the national headquarters to which our daughter represents.

A soft calming voice answered. They of course were aware of the situation and were at that time waiting to hear from their lead representative in Dominica.

Now, this may sound cold to some, however, the young lady meant well when she said. “Well, no news is good news, right?”

I didn’t respond. Any news is better than having no news where a loved one is concerned.

By night fall, I was emotionally drained. I went to bed not being anxious, just having a calm peace within my soul.

On Friday morning, I awoke, prayerfully anticipating that I would hear from my child or someone from the organization.

To keep my mind off of the outcome of my daughter’s well-being, a close friend called me and we went into prayer for one of her family members who were going through surgery. I have to admit that this intervention on behalf of someone I don’t know, renew my faith and trust in God.

By late afternoon, I was feeling sleepy so I laid my head down.

As soon as I close my eyes, the phone rang.

It was a call from the national headquarters.

The news was a blessing.

Our daughter was safe but it would be perhaps awhile before she can make direct communication with us because of the devastation that has overtaken this small island.

When I hung up the phone, I thank the Lord for His heavenly protection and continue to pray that He would intercede on behalf of the people of Dominica.

It is Saturday, and yet, there is still no contact from our youngest daughter. I have to say that despite the fact that I know she is uninjured, I still wait with great anticipation to hear her voice.

I conclude with this thought, oftentimes, we as Christians declare our faith and trust in Jesus in a public setting acting strong and resilient.

But through this personal trial, if anything it has taught me, it is that my faith isn’t based on the outward appearance of what I say but the alone time that Jesus is giving me to sit still and be quiet and rely on His grace and mercy.

How you handle your trust and faith in Jesus is the deciding factor in testing faith.

Your very own faith.

The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe. Proverbs 18:10

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