Just the Facts

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  John 8:32

We are living in a rumor and social media bubble of deception every day. Unless we use our God-given brain to stop and question what is thrown in our way as to what is factual and what is not. We tend to follow along with the crowd.

One of my favorite police shows when I was growing up was Dragnet. The star of the show, Jack Webb played the detective, Joe Friday had a deadpan expression and appeared to be unfriendly and unapproachable. Yet, when it came to finding out the truth, he was a determine detective out to prove he was above reproach.

Whenever Webb and his partner would interview a victim or assailant, he would advise them in a low-key way by telling them, “All we want are the facts, ma’am.”

Yet, for many years, Webb has been contributed to using the handle, “Just the facts…” But unfortunately, just like any long going unfounded urban legend, he never spoke those three words.

The truth of the matter is that we have become complicit in being complacent.

One thing we all need to be cautious about is turning our minds over to people, organizations or authorities that don’t have our best interest at hand.

There is too much happening every day for people to surrender unto a false narrative, whether from technology, science or the government.

Just the facts are a nice catchphrase.

But, if we really want to know the truth, we need to look in the Bible. If anyone knows about truth. It is Jesus.

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