Is Nationalism the Other Genocide?

They have also surrounded me with words of hatred, And fought against me without cause. Psalm 109:3

White nationalist groups march in Shelbyville chanting ‘closed borders’ Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017. Natalie Allison/USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee

I have a question to pose to you today.

Is Nationalism the Other Genocide?

I asked this question because nationalism is spoken about as if it merely means one’s national pride and origins (birth place).

Even the meaning of populist seems to be mischaracterized,

But nationalism is really becoming troubling because in my viewpoint, it is the new code word for ethnic cleansing.

We have to face the fact that White Nationalist groups popping up out of nowhere is by no means a surprise to agencies who track the actions of hate groups.

These groups who demand an all-white nation were just waiting for the right person to give approval of their hate. And that person is our president. Donald J. Trump.

People are trying to be polite or brush-off the notion that a rational nation could never be caught committing ethnic cleansing. But let me tell you that ethnic cleansing is really taking place right under our noses here in America.

Our biggest problem right now is that we have been so distracted by changing headlines we forget that the Trump administration is not only attempting to remove everything that President Obama did doing his two-terms.

But Trump has put a dog whistle to his lips to get white Americans to believe they are the sovereign heirs to everything in this country.  Despite the fact that America was and is what it is by the sacrifice of many people of all colors and background.

The ethnic makeup of America is what makes America.

Americans who believe that nationalism means one color and that one color has the right to dictate who stays or remains in this country is a very dangerous step to make seeing that the white population is slowly diminishing into a diversity of many colors.

As we look to the new coming year there is a sense that Trump will have pretty much destroyed the very fiber in which we are woven as a melting-pot.

We ought to be very conscious about what we are reading and hearing as it relates to the words nationalism and populism.

The very thought of another Hitler Germany in 2018 isn’t to far-fetch as many want to  deny.

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