Finding Travel Deals

Over the holiday, I had a rude awakening when it came to trying to find decent airline prices for my two grandsons. The tactics that some of the airlines use are simply unbelievable. passport

One thing you should not rely on is when going to an airline website and you find a deal, leave that website for just a few minutes, return to it, and expect that “so-called” deal to be the same price. It won’t be there!

Finding travel deals requires you to dedicate at least four hours or more for just drawing up a list of legitimate websites to consider when booking an airline ticket.

Despite the fact that oil prices have decreased the airlines haven’t and probably won’t make any changes in fares.

The airlines are indeed making a nice profit but customers do not need to wait to get any residuals for helping these companies reach a nice pay-day.

I just think that the airline industry knows that the customer either will accept their conditions or find another airline, who nine times out of ten, will treat you the same way.

Nevertheless, there are some resourceful online discount travel companies who will help consumers find deals that will save them time and money. These websites are worth looking into.

For those looking for air fare deals, one suggestion is to make every effort to book your flight at least eight to twelve weeks in advance if you can.

One recent airfare newsletter that I subscribe to states that booking a hotel with your airline ticket might be cheaper than just purchasing an airline ticket alone. However, the newsletter did note that this type of deal is ideal for two of you who are traveling.

So, if you are planning on making a journey in the near future, I have a list of twelve websites you might want to checkout and bookmark.

  1. Skiplagged
  2. Skyscanner
  3. Yulair
  4. Hipmunk
  5. Flightfox
  6. Kayak
  7. Getgoing
  8. Adioso
  9. Yapta
  10. Google Flights
  11. Bing Travel
  12. Momondo

Happy traveling!

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