Poor People and Bernie

“The poor and needy seek water, but there is none,Their tongues fail for thirst.I, the Lord, will hear them;I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them. Isaiah 41:17

Yesterday, when I arrived home from church, I chose to watch the rebroadcast of the Sunday morning program Meet the Press.

On the program this weekend was Senator Bernie Sanders who was interviewed by the host Chuck Todd about the senator’s uphill battle against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primaries.

Senator Sanders was adamant that he was not going to put an end to his campaign despite the pundits and polls showing him facing an uphill battle to get enough delegates to overtake his opponent.

While I was truly engaged in this interview, what I found myself taking offense with dealt with Senator Sanders opinion that he was not during well in the larger states in part was due to poor people.

As he stated himself, “poor people don’t vote. ”

Right after that comment, Senator Sanders may have lost a number of his poor voters.

I don’t believe that Senator Sanders intention was to offend anyone but he did.

Here it is that a number of his impoverished voters may have perceived that the Bernie Bern was not like your “A-typical” campaign. And that they…the poor voter…is under the impression that they too, are on an even playing field just like the young, white die-heart Bernie devotees.

Sure, Senator Sanders probably thinks that he is a refreshing and honest politician and independent by not being beholden to lobbyists or Wall Street.

But the tragedy of Senator Sanders words and perception of poor people, especially those living in urban communities, bring to light the reality that people in lower-income brackets will almost always be viewed as no more than a quick opportunity to be used and then be neglected until the next big campaign comes along.

The fact of the matter is that Bernie voters are enamored by his supposedly independence from the Democratic Party establishment (yet, he is using it to his advantage to run as a Democrat).

And the real fact that his young followers  are indeed not in the category described as needy or poor people. They are separated and placed on a higher plateau by Bernie himself.

But here lies the second tragedy, that so many young people in the urban community have bought into the perception that Senator Sanders really cares about them and the reality is, he only cares that they vote for him. That’s the character and the thinking of a seasoned politician.

Sadly, Senator Sanders comments about the poor not voting is another slap in their faces, especially, for those who believe that they matter regardless of race, ethnicity, education and financial status.

There is a myth about poor people not voting.

Actually, poor people do vote with the hope that the politician espousing change will be about change within America society.

So, what would I have to say to Senator Sanders at this very moment about his misinformed comment?

Say it ain’t so Bernie…say it ain’t so.

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