Pain in the Pews

1 John 3:15 –

Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.

Church Massacre on Sunday  11/5/ 17 Sutherland Springs, Texas   

Twenty-six dead and twenty-seven injured during Sunday church services.

Yet again, pain in the pews.

Another mass murder in America and Americans are still divided with deciding about how guns play a role in our lives.

The members of First Baptist gathered for Sunday worship in a small farm community in Sutherland Springs, Texas unaware of the devastation that would soon overtake them without warning. A senseless murderer entered the church and killed men, women and children.

As the news spread across America online and on cable news, I was saddened to sense that this nation has become desensitize with yet another massacre.

Last week after the Halloween terrorist that caused the death of eight people and the wounding of others, New Yorkers decided to continue with their yearly Halloween parade. Several reporting on the Halloween parade said that it was a tradition and that they weren’t going to be deterred from proceeding with this event. The reasoning also was that they were proving to the terrorists that Americans were not going to hover in fear.

And to think that here we are a week later, once again dealing with another gruesome attack by a gun-toting individual with his anger set on killing as many as was in his line of fire.

Sadly, mass murder seems to have become the norm in America.

Pain in the pews are at times self-afflicted and at other times brought upon by individuals we are familiar with or strangers lurking in the dark waiting to destroy what they believe are individuals who serve no purpose to live.

As it always goes, politicians throw out their lame expression of sorrow with the words, “my prayers and thoughts are with the…” you can pretty much fill out the remaining statement. Their action speaks louder than their own words.

Pain in the pews.

When will it ever end? And when will humankind begin to see that there is no clear resolve with killing each other when we have yet to accept that our greatest tragedy is our own sins.

When sin ends so will death.

In Him Alone

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