Monday Inspiration: It’s all about the P.I.E.

Proverbs 16:3 Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established. (ESV)

God's Plans

Monday Inspiration: It’s all about the P.I.E. and for encouraging and inspiring you to know that although you may not fulfill all your dreams, it is possible to pursue one or two.

Okay, you have a dream. And this dream constantly screams in your head on one particular day of all days. Monday!

Monday is the beginning of the standard work week. This is the moment when the dreamers dream of making their escape. They arrive to work with the attitude that this will be the day. They aren’t going to hold on any longer to their humdrum and mundane work week. They want out and this will be on this day that they either turn in their two-week notice or just don’t show up for work.

Mind you, these aren’t impossible dreams; it is just a scary dream. Why? Because of the one thing that holds a majority of people back. It is the fear of failing before they even get to at least test the waters to see if these dreams are worth the risk or not.

A few years ago, I came across a few business practices with the acronym P.I.E. You may be familiar with one as Plan, Implement and Execute. Then there is the phrase of P.I.E. used in Macroeconomics in growing the economy of a nation.

The P.I.E. that I want to share with you was developed to put God first in all that you are going to be doing.

P-Pray, have a purpose, then make a plan and finally pursue it.

I-Include God in your dreams, allow Him to instruct you, then implement your dream(s) with faith.

E-Engage and exchange with like-minded people, execute and then exhort God for each step that you take.

Whether you start today or tomorrow. Dreams are only forsaken when you let them go. Your Monday can be a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You just need to believe that your dream or dreams are not foolish, ridiculous or impossible to go after.

Your dreams are speaking to your heart.

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