Medicine or a Miracle?

James 5:15 – And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.

Fadookie-Caduceus-800pxLast week I spent time in bed dealing with a serious bout of what I thought was cold but it turned out to be a virus.

As I languish in my bedroom unable and unwilling to do anything but moan and groan at the intensity of body pain, shortness of breath, uncontrollable heart palpitations, and an upset stomach. I found myself mentally shouting at the Lord to just help me recover quickly.

But it seemed that with each passing moment, my sickness was getting worse and not better.

I can assure you that I was doing all that I could do humanly possible. Yes, and I also threw down some over the counter pain relievers. Yet, my heart and spirit knew that Jesus was the only One who could heal me. And no matter how long it was going to take, I wasn’t going to give up on the Lord.

About the third day in with the virus, it was strangling me to the point that I was convinced that I needed to go to the hospital. As I slowly pulled myself up from underneath the bed covers, my legs decided they were not going anywhere. At the least, the most my legs were willing to give me is a temporary halt against the bed and not in the direction of the bathroom where I could wash and get dressed to go to the emergency room.

At one point, I panicked. What on earth would I do if I don’t get to the hospital?

That’s when that still, quiet Voice overtook all the soundbites of fear from distracting my attention on death rather than life.

With all the strength that the Lord gave me, I found myself rolling over on the side of my bed and reaching for my Bible. There it was all the while. Placed so close to me, yet, I failed to pick it up when I really needed it.

During the next few hours and by the following day, my virus was still with me but it wasn’t affecting me as it had earlier.

By the weekend, I was able to go to the market and attend church service, although, still somewhat weak, I pressed on knowing that this sickness was not unto death.

As of today, I am feeling 90 percent better and that is just fine with me.

One thing that I am learning through this life journey is that we ought not to take Jesus for granted nor the Word of God.

Oftentimes, we Christians think we are super Christians until an illness, family crisis or financial troubles come our way.

My early onslaught of the virus put me to choose. Would it be medicine or a miracle?

That is where the testing of our faith comes in.

Are we really trusting and believing in Him? Or do we trust in what the world tells us?

It’s something to think about.

Prayer is the best medicine. God is the best doctor.

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