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Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape

How to make extra money is probably one of the top questions a person will think about when they are facing financial difficulties.

When you are broke the only thing you can think of is how to make extra money. And the ideas are all over the place, such as, making money online, making money from home or coming up with money-making schemes. One thing we will never be able to do to make extra money is walk into the U.S. Mint and print out money whenever we need it. That’s never going to happen.

As the recession was taking toll on so many lives, I was thinking about the ingenious ways that took place when I was growing up when it came to making extra money.

Have you ever heard of a rent party? Or cards party? Well, these are some of the ways in which family members and neighbors did with when it came to paying the bills. And the bills would get paid. Late but paid!

These types of social gatherings actually took place in our community and some folks still have rent and cards parties today to help them out with paying bills and other incidentals.

Being broke doesn’t have to make you hopeless. All it takes is one good creative idea that will earn you one dollar or one million dollars.

When I was a teenager I was in a club. We girls didn’t have any money but we always wanted to be fashionable and dress alike. As with most clubs in the city during the sixties, it wasn’t who you knew but what you wore. Now, if you came from meager means, there was no way we would expect our parents to just hand us money to squander on an outfit just to show-off, so, we had to find a creative way to make extra money. The solution was simple. We put on a Waist Party.

A Waist Party consists of four major components, a place to hold the party. Dance Music. Advertisement by word of mouth (social media today) and lastly, a measuring tape.

At a Waist Party, the guest arrives but before entry into the party, their waist is measure. Base on the size of the individual’s waist, they pay that amount to enter the party. The host of the party can decide if they will charge the person from $0.10 per inch or up to whatever amount they think is reasonable.

For instance, the host of the Waist Party will be charging $0.20 per inch. A male guest with a waist size of 40 will pay $8.00 to get into the party. If you have guests whose waist size exceeds the average waist size, you can charge them a fixed price.

Depending on your financial situation, you can also sell water, soda and snacks at the Waist Party to help you earn extra cash, too. You just have to be creative.

Just reflecting on those days when we were out to make extra money makes me smile. We even sold handmade silk Mother’s Day corsage.  I guess we were entrepreneurs. Well, I’m feeling a shoe size party coming on…the sky isn’t the limit, just your mindset.

Thought a few of these money-making opportunities and advice would be of interest to you. Have a bless weekend.

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