Let It Go

sick womanIn the past few weeks, I found myself surrounded by people who seem to be dealing with health issues. Of course, I recognize that some of these health problems are major and must be immediately taken into account.

But then, there are those who claim to have health problems that are just a way to get attention and sympathy.

I wonder if you know people who seem to always have some health issue?

They will whine and complain to anyone who will listen to them about how they are so sick that even the many visits to the doctor office and hospital do not seem to be of any help.

As a matter of fact, these people seem to relish in their condition and want everyone to join them. They will spew out all the prescribed medications they are taking as if this is something to be proud about.

It gets to a point that you just want to tell them, “let it go. ”

I have a family member and a few friends and acquaintances who I suspect might have a condition known as Factitious Disorder.

Factitious Disorder symptoms involve mimicking or producing illness or injury.

This is a serious mental disorder that not only encumbers someone who believes that they may have an illness or injury but also places a hardship on family members, friends and co-workers in how they should interact and deal with the person.

A few days ago, I actually witness a situation where a person I know, who has been through a major health condition but will not accept the fact that they are completely healed and can continue in having a productive life.

We hadn’t seen each other in almost a year and I was quite delighted to see this person.

However, what took me aback was that this acquaintance wanted me to feel sorry for them.

To be upfront, I just did not want to be pulled into their emotional game. Older folks have a way of telling it like it is and will let you know that they have no interest in being part of anyone’s “pity patty party. ”

What doesn’t surprise me is that Factitious Disorder is indeed prevalent in the body of Christ.

If you ever have sat in church and listened to the testimonies of some saints, you will be torn in your belief to believe either Jesus can heal or maybe He can’t.

Some of these testimonies give more credence to their “condition” and “treatment” rather than praising God for their healing.

Of course, I come to believe that the testimonies of gloom and doom are to gain sympathy, in which, in many cases, it does.

How one might directly address those we know who like to get their adrenaline peaking with the “woe is me” conversation is to be just frank and truthful.

Don’t walk away from them.

Just be calm and peaceful and tell him or her to just let it go.

You will be the best for it and God will allow you to be vindicated from feeling guilt and shame.

Let it go!
And his fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatick, and those that had the palsy; and he healed them. Matthew 4:24

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