What Kind of Love is This?

Here we are approaching Valentine’s Day on February 14th and there will be no doubt a number of people who will get depressed because they have been made to feel that this day is the official day of love.

Love is a word that is truly misunderstood by mankind.

A number of years ago, I worked with a young lady who was not merely attractive but she had a sweet and humble spirit about her. At times, the two of us would go to lunch and discuss things happening in our lives.

One day, she confided to me that the older man that she had married (who she so happened to have met in church) had now demanded that she and her daughters stop attending church. This was heartbreaking to hear, knowing that she had always expressed her love for Christ and the time she spent serving in her church.

As I listened to her voice cracked with a sense of pain, she went on to explain how previous to her present marriage, she had been married before to someone who was both physically and verbally abusive. That marriage produced two beautiful daughters. When it was getting too unbearable, she left her first husband for not only peace of mind but also for the protection and safety of their children.

Sitting hearing her story made me upset.

She went on to say this second marriage was a marriage of convenience for her. Her new husband was nearly twice as old as she was (she was in her late twenties). Believing that marrying an older man, who also happened to attend church, was in her thinking, would be a perfect marriage. However, she didn’t imagine that the “church man” became more of a devil than a saint.

A few weeks after our lunch, this young lady resigned her position. She told several people at work she was going to get a new job. However, she actually informed me that she had to quit the job, because her husband thought she was seeing someone there behind his back. This was not the case but her husband was going to now control every part of her life. I never saw or spoke to her after that.

Ephesians 5:25 – Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

If you are in a relationship that pulls you from the love of Christ, you need to ask yourself this question, what kind of love is this? And when the Lord answers you…will you follow Him?

God is ever present and will not fail you!

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