Keep Going On

Monday Motivation: Keep Going On! Be encouraged. You are not alone. God knows all about you.

Why is my pain perpetual, and my wound incurable, which refuseth to be healed? wilt thou be altogether unto me as a liar, and as waters that fail? Jeremiah 15:18

 It’s Not Over (When God is in it)-James Fortune & Jason Nelson

Feeling despondent and detach?

Have you given up on self?

And have you found yourself in an environment that doesn’t inspire you to keep going on?

I heard a story not too long ago about the woman who refused to keep going on with her life.

It was stated that the woman had everything to live for but she didn’t think so.

She had a loving and devoted husband.

And her children loved and adored her.

Her relatives always sought her for advice.

And her neighbors always complimented her on her generous hospitality.

At church, this woman was active in ministry, always willing to offer a helping hand, wherever needed.

As a volunteer, this woman spent hours working in homeless shelters, handing out clothing to the poor and destitute and fixing meals for the elderly.

This woman was very much admired.

But one day, this woman suddenly found herself at a standstill.

When the morning alarm went off one day, she didn’t get out of bed.

Her husband thought this woman was sick.

But she wasn’t.

Her children began to panic, because they thought this woman was dying.

But she wasn’t.

After a number of days, this woman began to return to her normal routine.

Of course, her husband and children were quite satisfied to see things back to normal.

The husband had a wife. And the children had a mother.

As usual, the woman got back to the regiment others expected her to do and all seemed well.

Needing to go to the supermarket, this woman jotted down a list, rushed out the door and jumped into the family car.

Once the woman arrived at the supermarket, she took a deep breath, and uttered underneath her breath. “this is the last time. ”

Maneuvering through the meat, produce and diary sections, the woman began to cry.

She felt light-headed and her stomach quivered.

In her heart, she knew things were probably never going to change for her.

This woman thought the end was near and she had given up on life.

As much as she said she believed in God.

She felt no hope. She felt no peace. She felt no presence of God within her.

Doubt had crept into her mind and now, after all the many years of praying and believing for others, this woman had planned on taking her life after she had prepared her family their favorite meal.

As she navigated up and down the aisles, her eyes suddenly fixed itself on a sign that said, “Proceed with caution, keep going on. ”

Taking another turn down the aisle, there was another sign that read, “Go slow and keep going on. ”

Then as she turned her shopping cart around in the other direction, an elderly couple stood in front of her.

Over hearing their conversation, as she passed by the couple, she heard the elderly man say, “Keep going on, God is with you. ”

The woman left the supermarket and sat in her car. She began to cry and beat on the dashboard.

She had enough. She was tired.

Later that evening, when the family sat down for dinner, this woman had decided to tell her family about her decision to…

The ending is up to you!

Keep going on!

And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God. I Samuel 30:6

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