Just One


Okay. I knew it was coming. Rev. Al Sharpton, the media appointed leader for us blacks folks is planning to hold yet, another “march” on Washington.

It is unnerving for me as a black woman to have the media appoint who they believe black people should have as a black leader.

It is the media and segments among the liberal and conservative activists who are complicit in the theory of giving black folks “just one.”

Just one to lead us…just one to talk to us…just one to calm our anger.

The press conference that was held on Thursday, December 4, 2014 by Rev Al Sharpton sparked a feeling of disgust within me. And I feel more regret that some religious leaders follow this man blindly without even seeking God for directions.

What is taking place in various parts of this country against “innocent” black males, young or old will only be resolved by God Almighty and the coming together of black people for our own self-preservation.

Self-preservation means personal responsibility and taking pride of our great inheritance left by our ancestors.

If you want to know the truth, neither Jessie Jackson nor Al Sharpton has accomplished any gains for black folks in the U.S, except for them looking out for their own family members and close associates.

The called to “march” on Washington this weekend will not benefit black folks or anyone looking for justice and peace. However, the true beneficiaries will be Charter bus companies, airlines, hotels, restaurants, vendors and tee-shirt sellers.

And may I add the other benefactors of this march will be those self-appointed civil rights leaders that seem to be coming out of the woodwork because of the nationwide protests. My question is, where are they on a daily basis when black on black crime seemingly has become the norm within some of our own communities?

Remember the Chicago death toll?

Jesus reigns when it comes to justice and peace.

When a “march” is announced and black folks go protesting to “Washington D.C.” then they better recognize that these supposedly religious leaders are by-passing God and leading them to the altar of the U.S. Government.

You see, these men have yet to make any significant changes because the Lord is not with them. When looking over the history of the civil rights movement, it started with God and the church, and it ended with God and the church, who gave us the victory.

Unless black folks dismiss those who have in the last forty-years provided no more than rhymes and rhetoric…then, we will continually be subjected to live with a mindset of spiritual poverty.

Let us continue to pray and look to Jesus for wisdom, knowledge and understanding and then “take action to do something” that will raise us up rather than keep us down.

Oh, and for those who want “just one.” Think on His name. He is Jesus. The only One we need.

Those who are in the realm of the flesh cannot please God. Romans 8:8

In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian