It’s Not Over for You

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Weekend Inspiration: It’s not over for you. Facing job termination.

For a number of years in my professional career, I held a supervisory position in human resources. This position came about not by me seeking it, rather, because I had previously turned down two other positions within the company due to me being uncomfortable with the management team who were in existence at the time.

This management team, was from my perspective and other seasoned employees, not managerial material. They lacked empathy and sound business judgement.

And the unfortunate situation in the company was that they had aligned themselves to follow upper management, blindly, without questioning the legality of some of the decisions that were being made that affected the overall morale of workers and the stability of the company.

One of the duties of my position that I found difficult over the years was in having to terminate employees.

Terminating employees were not exhilarating or a great high for me. If anything, it caused me many stressful hours and sometimes days, leading to the actual exit-interview.

One thing I have never done was to become accustomed to seeing someone lose their livelihood, even when that employee was directly responsible for their own termination.

When I think back on those termination days, I recalled a colleague jokingly labeling me, the “grim reaper. ”

Another colleague even brought to my attention that the employees knew when I was going to terminate an employee. Much to my surprise, I was unaware that I always wore black on those days. Call it a sublimely hidden wardrobe message…I really had no clue that my clothing colors were sending out the warning of “termination today. ”

If anything that held me together, through these terminations was my faith in God and to be guided by the Holy Spirit not to bring someone down.

When the exit-interview and termination were completed, I had the obligation to assure the former employee that although our company was not a perfect match for each other, there was a future awaiting them, despite whatever may have led up to that final moment.

So, for some of you who may be still holding onto bitterness and unwilling to forgive, because you have been separated from your job, remember, God has greater things in store for you. That’s if you let go of yesterday and believe, that it’s not over for you.

In Him Alone

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