Intentional Sin

King David and the prophet Nathan

King David and the prophet Nathan

The best instructional book to use in any given situation, good or bad, is the Bible.

Presently, I am studying the 2 Book of Samuel. A few chapters in this Book is about King David and his treachery to cover-up his act of adultery and murder.

The reason I am studying about King David is to take a closer look as to what compels those who are called by God to fail Him at times.

The story of King David’s adultery and the co-conspiracy to murder a faithful husband and solider is found in 2 Samuel 11.

The adultery was with a married woman who did not reject him.

And the murder was conspiring to cover-up the adultery.

The act and action of one Godly man, would later bring about shame and destruction too many.

Intentional sin is dangerous, especially for Christians.

You have probably read or heard the scripture about David being, “a man after God’s own heart,”(I Samuel 13:14, Acts 13:22) and wonder how could God say such a thing knowing the decisions that David would be making in life.

Well, just take a moment and look closely at our own life and the decisions we have made and will make without God.

Rather we want to admit it or not. Intentional sin happens every day to well-meaning, Bible believing Believers.

Just like Abraham and Moses, King David too had a weakness. And despite all the good each of these servants of God did for the Lord, they all fell short but God also forgave them.

Intentional sin, no matter who commits it, does not give any of us permission to go on with our lives and continue in sin. There will be consequences for disobeying God.

The husband that King David murdered was an honorable soldier. He fought for David. He took his service to serve with the understanding of the rank of the kingdom.

If we are to learn from the mistakes of the men and women who are spoken of in the Bible, it should be lessons that increase our understanding of who God is and what He requires from us.

King David actions were inexcusable and what made matters worse for him with God was him having a co-conspirator to help carry-out the murder against the husband.

Oftentimes, when an intentional sin is being plotted, the need to have a co-conspirator(s) to approve and execute one’s plans is sought.

Co-conspirators are similar in nature. They carry the same DNA. Devious. Notorious. Ambitious.

King David knew his co-conspirator very well and he used him for his purpose.

After David fulfilled his lust and murder, in the preceding chapter 12, God sends His prophet to condemn King David and prophesied about what would befall his house (family).

King David probably never imagined that betrayal, tragedy and death would engulf his entire family.

This is an excellent lesson for all Christians. Just because we do the work of the Lord and have won many battles, He will never let us get away with sin. No matter how long we have been saved or how much we have served.

Just knowing that our intentional sins will be our downfall, it would be to our spiritual health to seize the hour and ask for repentance.

But repentance cannot be spoken with the mouth but with the heart.

That’s why David was a man after God’s own heart.

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