Institutional Religion and Racism

And he said unto them, Ye know how that it is an unlawful thing for a man that is a Jew to keep company, or come unto one of another nation; but God hath shewed me that I should not call any man common or unclean.   Acts 10:28

After the latest terrorist attack in the United Kingdom, people are once again outrage over how such hate could cause human suffering and death of innocent people.

This time, we learn of one young man using his hate to kill some young people and older adults attending a concert, unaware that this enjoyable event would end in carnage.

No matter how you look at it. Institutional religion and racism has been the central cause of hate throughout the world.

Either a group of religious fanatics believe their religion is superior then another. Or a group of racists believe their race is superior then another.

Nevertheless, institutional religion and racism together has made for turbulent and divisive times throughout history and the world.

One of the biggest problems that continue to feed institutional religion and racism is that rational people refuse to accept that we are continually fueling this evil.

Regardless how one might believe that they could never be bound by religion dogma and racial hate, we lie to ourselves.

Here is what I come to find out about myself and others.

If you believe you could never be filled with such anger to kill someone because of their opposition against your religion. You are wrong.

If you believe you could never be filled with such hate to discriminate against someone because of their race. You are wrong.

You see, we who like to think we are not in any way have institutionalized tendencies are fooling ourselves.

Have you ever been with your religious group and put-down another denomination, for instance, Baptists who say Catholics are not saved. Yep, that’s institutional religious bias.

And what about when you are around people of your same race and you make comments about another race being criminals. Yes, that too is institutional racism.

When we are so busy pointing one finger at what’s wrong with the world.

Remember, four fingers are pointing back at the pointer.

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