Imperfect Mother

He who mistreats his father and chases away his mother Is a son who causes shame and brings reproach. Proverbs 19:26


As the story goes, a young mother took her nine-year daughter out for a mommy and me day.

This was going to be a very special outing and the youthful mother wanted everything to be perfect.

To add to this special occasion, the young woman made the decision that the two of them would take a taxi.

No doubt, this was a rarity because the young mother and her daughter always walked to their destinations or rode the bus.

Arriving at the five-star hotel, the young mother stared towards the beautiful hand-painted glass doors embellish with gold-colored plates.

But, her daughter was so overwhelmed at where they were, that she ran pass the doorman, and flopped down on one of the overstuffed leather chairs.

Mother and daughter got on the elevator and rode to the top floor of the skylight atrium where the restaurant was to be found.

The two of them sat in the exquisite, upscale dining room, surrounded by antique French furnishings, crystal chandeliers and expensive china ware that were tastefully placed on a white linen table covering.

It was one of the most beautiful places the little girl had ever visited.

Although it was a struggle paying the bills off from her waitress salary. This young mother did not wish to deprive her daughter from enjoying the finer things in life.

Now, the young mother was fidgeting in her chair as the dining room filled up. She was nervous. Feeling uneasy and began to sweat profusely.

However, her daughter was enamored at the appearance of the guests, who she assumed were all quite wealthy.

In the background, soft classical music was being played by a string quartet.

Finally, the waiter approached their table and greeted them warmly.

“Well, good afternoon, ladies” the waiter said, pouring water into their glasses. “My name is Preston…and I will be your waiter for today. ”

The young mother smiled and nodded her head.

“And, my goodness, ” the waiter said to the nine-year old. “Do you know that you are just as beautiful as your mother. I know you want to be just like her when you grow up. ”

“No I don’t! ” the little girl said in disgust. “I don’t ever want to be poor like her and work as a waitress…I want to be rich just like these people. ”

The young mother eyes filled with tears.

The waiter leaned over to the little girl and whispered in her ear.

“Then I feel sorry for you, ” he told her. “Because your mother saved all her tips just to bring you here today, so that you could be treated like the people she waits on. ”

Do you know that…Imperfect Mothers make for the best mothers…have a blessed and wonderful Mother’s Day.

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