Graduate from Fear to Faith

The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1



Motivational Monday: Graduate from Fear to Faith.

Several young people who I know have completed their college education and have either chose to attend graduate school or take a needed break from academia and jump into the world of work to pay off those high interest student loans.

For each of these young people, I am praying that they stay the course. Despite the many obstacles they will surely face.

Countless years ago, several of my classmates and I had decided that once we graduated from college we would go off and see the world.

At that time, my friends and I had this spirit of boldness and great plans that we would go abroad, having neither money nor connections and claim our rightful place like the Black writers, poets, musicians and artists who venture into Europe during the years of the Harlem Renaissance.

How brash we were in our thinking but with all the talk we banter among ourselves, each took our degrees and headed back to our homes like frighten lambs.

Several of my friends continued their schooling and a few decided to take the plunge into marriage which was deemed to some of us as a better alternative than living life on the edge or living under our parents roof like old maids.

How ironic was that.

You see, my classmates and I had nothing to prevent us from going to Europe, except for one thing. We were afraid.

We didn’t want to admit it openly so we hid our secrets with excuses, such as, that we needed to be home to help out the family, or we had to get back to a boyfriend, who had long ago called it quits, and the biggest of lies, our parents wouldn’t allow us to leave the good old United States.

The real truth is that fear had a stronghold on us and not one of us was willing to admit it.

Yes, we had graduated and prepared to take on the challenges of life but we never really believed in our hearts that we had the courage to do it because instead of graduating with hope. Some of us returned to a humdrum existence that we wanted to get far away from.

Yes, graduating can be a defining point in one’s life.

But if anything, consider this.

Graduate from fear to faith and let God be in all your plans.

In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian
2015 The Year of Our Lord