Genuine Relationships

The righteous should choose his friends carefully, For the way of the wicked leads them astray.  Proverbs 12:26

I sat on the bus behind two women, fashionably dressed in their late forties, who seemed to be the best of friends.

These two women were having the time of their lives.

They were talking from the top of their lungs and laughing from the gut of their bellies.

The bus driver even spoke to the ladies by asking them to lower their voices.

As the bus made stops for passengers to get-off and board the bus, midpoint of travel, these two women friendly conversation had erupted into a big blow-up.

Truly, this seems to have come out of nowhere. One minute they were sewn to the hips and now to witness these two friends as bitter enemies was unfathomable.

It was really like they didn’t even know each other.

And you would never imagine what the two bus partners were arguing over.

A twenty-five-year-old secret…in other words, one of them was dating another friend’s son.

There was no holding back from these two once they got started.

They had taken their friendly conversation from laughter to downright swearing and cussing at one another.

Passengers on the bus even got quiet from their own side conversations just to listen to what was taking place center stage.

Sitting behind these women had me nervous. I didn’t know if they were going to get into a physical altercation or what. All I knew is that I didn’t want to be up close and personal should they decide to take blows at each other.

The bus driver spoke loudly and sternly over the intercom system for the ladies to quiet down or he would have them remove from the bus.

Well, apparently that was the rallying cry for these two women because they immediately turned on the bus driver in a united front declaring what they would do to him, should he lay hands on any of them.

Now, these two battling middle-aged divas were coming after the bus driver.

By the end of my bus ride, I was totally convinced that these two women had a genuine relationship.

Their relationship reminds me of how friends should be with one another. It is apparent that these women do have an authentic, strong bond of love and honesty between the two f them.

Some Christians will perhaps assume that this isn’t the type of friendship acceptable by Christ.

However, I would say that Jesus is all about the truth. And if the truth is not comfortable, then who is to blame?

It is something we need to look at closely as Christians and ask an honest question of ourselves.

Do we have genuine relationships?

And if not…why not?

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