Ferguson Missouri: What About The Man In The Middle

                           3 Ye have compassed this mountain long enough: turn you northward.   Deuteronomy 2:3

Yet, another peaceful protest march over the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and once again it turns into a misguided decision for civil disobedience by looters who have no real justification for what they are doing in stealing the moral support from the Brown family and taking advantage of the situation by vandalizing and destroying property.

What the police chief thought would take the attention away from the police officer by releasing the video tape of Michael Brown in the convenience store only ignited raw rage from those who don’t know about the history of the 1960s riots in Watts, Philadelphia and Detroit.

Unfortunately, these looting and violent scenes of anarchy play well in an already divided America.

With all the outrage taking place over Michael Brown, the Ferguson police officer and the video tape of Brown allegedly stealing cigars,  has anyone stop to think what about the man who was actually robbed? And has anyone taken into account that he has a right to live his life without fear and intimidation.

Today, the community in Ferguson needs to ask a bigger question. What about the store clerk? Can anyone of us image the fear we would have if someone physically bigger than us forcefully stole from us? The store clerk had every right to call and report a crime because it was a crime.

While all the facts of this case have yet been brought forward, it would be wise for this nation to take a pause and look to God. And while we seek His face, how about some of those drive-by civil rights leaders and pastors in the Ferguson community reach-out to the man in the middle. And that would be the store clerk. After all, he is the first victim. It started with him but it doesn’t have to end with him. Let’s keep him in our prayers for God’s safety and protection.

As I prepare to go to church I am reminded of the true Man in the middle, Jesus, who died for our sins. Jesus always spoke about forgiving others.  Forgiveness is a small word but it brings a powerful solution, if we are willing to listen and obey God.

In ending this post, I like to bring to your attention a video making its way across social media. Reverend Jonathan Gentry passionate outcry about the rioting and looting that have taken place in Ferguson Missouri resonates a truth that has to be address in the black community. It’s time for the blame game to end and we take ownership for our future.

In Him Alone

The Counterfeit Christian