Faith beyond Prayer

For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth Job 19:25


Over the past seven days, five people who I personally know were either injured by way of an unseen accident or had a health condition that overtook them suddenly.

Concerning the accidents each required emergency medical care. One might require surgery. Two are under doctor’s care. And the other two are recuperating. Yet, in each case, they all have testified that they were all blessed and protected by God.

Now, I know many will question that statement, probably thinking that how can someone believe that these people were protected by God?

Because God allowed them all to live and to sing His praises and give their personal testimony.

Here is a reality that I myself can attest to. When one is praying on a continual basis and asking the Lord for His heavenly protection, it is assumed, that God will do precisely that.

Yet, do we really have the right to assume that this is God’s will? Job was a righteous man and he had to endure personal tragedy and loss. However, in the end, God restored Job to a greater understanding of His divine power in all things.

Maybe that’s why it is hard even at times for us Christians to believe that He will do just that–protects us from all harm and danger.

One scripture that I read daily is Psalm 91. I can pretty much recite the entire scripture word for word.

But, at times, when I get to hear about someone close having been in an accident and getting hurt, I silently question God as to why? Why did you allow this to happen? Haven’t I prayed daily and continually to keep a hedge of protection around family, friends and acquaintances? So, what happen Lord?

Then after my questioning, I perceive that God doesn’t need to respond to my doubt or questions.

That’s what trusting God is all about.

We must have faith beyond prayer.

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