Dying for Perfection

“Vanity of vanities, ” says the Preacher; “Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. Ecclesiastes 1:2


“Just four? ” the young girl asked her friend.

“Well, four for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”                             M and Ms 004

“So. It really isn’t four a day…It’s really twelve a day…right?”

The young girl looked over to her friend and shrugged her shoulders.

“Yeah. Twelve if you say so.”

Once I got pass the two tweens standing in front of me on the elevator, I rushed to my next appointment with their conversation heavily weighed on my heart.

Here it was that this beautiful young teenager, no older than my thirteen year old granddaughter was boasting about being on a diet.

And the thing that frightened me the most was that this child was already thin, looking like her weight was not even one hundred pounds.

Imagine hearing that someone is on a diet of all things…M&M’s with peanuts.

That’s right!

The child was suggesting to her friend to eat four M&M’s with peanuts per meal.

I had to catch my breath when I heard the conversation taking place in front of me on that elevator.

What in the world would possess someone to think that eating twelve pieces of candy would satisfy or provide nutrition to their body?

When I arrived home, I decided to do some research about this newest fad diet.

I was tempted to call one of my granddaughters who are both teenagers, but I decided against it, seeing that I would not want to plant any type of seed of curiosity into their minds.

Who is looking out for this child’s best interest?

Surely, I cannot conceive that her parents know that she is taking a big risk to her overall health.

I do know that social media has an overall effect on young and old alike.

However, I am praying that someone in this young lady’s circle of friends will come to her aid and immediately get her the help she needs.

Just an aside note. I might be too hasty in judging this young lady.

Because it dawn on me later, that she just might have set out to prank her friend. If she was…thank God for that!

Parents, keep abreast what is happening in your child’s life. Have you taken time this week just to talk with them?

Children need our love and protection.

Enjoy the weekend.

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