Destructive Testimonies

Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight.  Proverbs 12:22

Rich Preachers, Rich Churches…Poor Saints

Did you know that destructive testimonies will lead some of God’s children into destructive behavior?

If you never heard of destructive testimonies, there are ample of these testimonies being spoken in churches, at Christian gatherings, aired on radio, television and social media.

For instance, one of the most ludicrous of destructive testimonies comes by way of the false preacher declaring that someone walked up to him (or her) and put $10,000 in cash in their hand. Another one that is truly despicable is the gift of a private jet to carry the preacher across the world.

After going through my prosperity gospel journey and surviving it, thanks to God, I am on a mission for Christ in helping undo and uproot the seed of deceit when it comes to destructive testimonies by naïve Christians.

Some Christians will even get into debt because of hearing someone else destructive testimony.

What on earth would possess a person to go out and purchase a $500,000 house, luxury automobiles, designer clothing, expensive vacations and the like? It may have been among those destructive testimonies they heard about, and immediately went out to buy something they know that he or she can’t afford.

Besides, lying on Christ is the wrong position to put oneself in.

Today, whenever someone gets up in church or at a gathering and shares their testimony, I am quietly praying for them. My prayer is always to God to give me discernment of good and evil. This prayer helps me to be still and listen carefully to the voice of the Lord.

Yes, destructive testimonies may thrill the ears and tickle the flesh but is it of God or Satan?

Christians can overcome destructive testifying by being obedient to God and studying His Word continually. With this, there will be no missteps in being mislead with false doctrine or a false testimony.

Jesus must be truly disappointed when He hears a believer testify about all their “material blessings” and not once speak about the gift of Salvation.

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