Why Do Some Christians Fear Atheists?

I ask a question weighing on me today.

Why do some Christians Fear atheists?

This weekend I had to go out-of-town on business on a special assignment and it was a pleasure for me to pack my bags because I not only had the pleasure to meet new people but also spend some time with two of my daughters and grandchildren.

When I arrived at my designated location, a warm reception from the host company’s young representatives was a good beginning. After signing in the office, I was directed into the waiting area where a table was set up with fresh bagels and a variety of cream cheeses, along with hot coffee and cold beverages.

Apparently the company who was conducting this assignment wanted a diversity of individuals because the waiting area looked like a small United Nations. I now became more curious than ever as to what these two days would be like. I soon found out.

The small, petite woman who looked more like a punk rocker than a grandmother sat in the corner of the waiting room having a lively conversation with an impeccably well-dressed gentleman. Her voice carried over the entire room.

“I’m an atheist.” the voice declared with a sense of pride. “I know those in the Christian Right don’t like me because I…”

It was if her declaration was given her atheist cred to see just who would challenge her belief system. Only one person in the room responded.

“its’ religion and those conservative evangelists…” replied the well-dressed gentleman.

Although, I could have retorted back, “Well, I’m a Christian” I didn’t need to react and draw swords.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And what I am finding as I grow in Christ is that the battle is not mine, it belongs to the Lord.

Ironically, God always provides an opportunity for His chosen to speak when necessary. And that’s what happened the next day during lunch.

The Atheist and I got along just fine. She shared some interesting stories about her life and believed it or not, we were more similar than unfamiliar.

Our conversation began with a natural flow of first talking about the journey we have taken and what we are now experiencing in the present.

What I appreciated was that we had an honest dialogue without being fake and disrespectful. Not one time did we speak on the subject of her being an atheist or my being a believer in Christ.

When lunch was over, we both had at least, a commonality that people, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity want to have a genuine relationship that is truthful, respectful and peaceful.

Now here is another amusing way God made me laugh.

The impeccably dressed gentleman who had an issue with religion, found himself and I put in a group setting whereby we sat next to each other during this particular session. As with everything God does, it was evident, once again, that people will react based on how you deal with them.

He and I were more in agreement than either one of us could imagine.

Arriving back home and having a few days to think about my weekend venture left me with more of a troubling question about why do some Christians fear atheists?

This is an answer only a believer can answer for their self.

What my answer is, I don’t fear atheists but I do have a fear when some Christians take on denying ourselves the opportunity to at least to get to know other people who may not believe in Christ. The truth is that God created us because He desires to have an honest, loving and caring relationship not only with Him but with others.

This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

John 15:12

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