Change Starts Within


Oh, I had no idea that people are still protesting the outcome of the grand jury in the death of Michael Brown by a sworn police office, Darren Wilson. If this reads like a sarcastic remark, it is.

The death of a young black man by a white police officer seemed to have made the media overzealous in its reporting.

And from what I have read in the newspaper and heard on the radio stations, there hasn’t been an impartial balance in this coverage by the liberal or conservatives news outlets.

Moving forward, it should be to no one’s surprise that the Ferguson issue will probably make monetary gain for a few people through book deals, made for tv movies, personal appearances by the key players and for a few, their fifteen minutes of fame.

But the question that the black community needs to ask our self is, “what now? ” Sure, the “hands up don’t shoot” rhyme might sound like unification but it’s just a catchy phrase that wears well on tee shirts.

The people who participated in the riot in Ferguson did not represent the majority of blacks throughout the U.S.

For the foolish who looted and burned down a community that needed our help and not its’ destruction, who now will the people of Ferguson have to look to for help to rebuild their property and most importantly, their lives?

Black folks need to get honest and recognize that we at times are our own worse enemies.

The nationwide protests and stopping traffic will not make the necessary changes that can make a meaningful difference in the lives of Black people in America.

Last night, after a barrage of news stories about Ferguson, I thought about the reality of where some of our black folks mindset is placed.

I asked myself, “What if Jesus came on the scene and wanted to help and Al Sharpton also showed up. Just who do you think some black folks would choose?” The answer wasn’t hard to find. It would be Al Sharpton. That’s right. Someone with “no power” to make change.

And just like the Jews chose Barabbas over Jesus, some black folks are in the exact identical position of choosing someone who will tingle their flesh but is not able to wield the power of Christ.

A couple of years ago, one of my favorite elderly friends shared a bit of wisdom with me when I was dealing with a personal problem.

“You know honey, in order for change to occur, it must first start with you. Change starts within. ”

I held on to that message…and I truly believe that it is a fact.

Change starts within.

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