Cashless Christmas

This year will be a cashless Christmas for me.

Last year I played around with the idea of having a cashless Christmas but fell headlong into the commercialization of Christmas as I had in previous years.

However, this year will be totally different because my spiritual growth won’t allow me to compromise what I know the true meaning of Christmas should be all about. Christ.

A few days ago, I had to go to the bank. As I was completing my business transaction the bank clerk with an outgoing disposition asked if I would like to consider applying for an interest free bank credit card.

With a smile, I declined the offer. “No thank you I told the bank clerk. I don’t need one. ”

“Well, ” the bank clerk responded in return. “I see you are eligible for a card and you know having a credit card is good to have in case of an emergency. ”

I was now getting the point that the bank more than likely put in an incentive to their bank tellers to push their bank credit cards. Now, I understand how this marketing scheme is supposed to play out. The bank teller must make the customer feel a sense of status to be considered among a select few to obtain this offer.

“Sorry, ” I told the bank clerk. “As I said before, I just don’t have a need for a credit card and have been making my grandchildren aware of the dangers of applying for credit cards. ”

Still insistent in pushing the bank credit card, she introduces me to another bank representative standing next to her.

“Well, this is Ms. X…she would be pleased to speak to you about signing up,” said the bank clerk now holding out a business card.

I took the business card along with my bank receipt and said, “thank you. ”

As I was about to walk away the final push from the bank teller was that I should at least take a couple of days to think about the offer and give Ms. X a call.

Exiting the bank, I had mixed feelings.

First, I felt apathy for the bank teller who probably is under pressure to push these credit cards to bank customers who more than likely don’t need additional debt.

Secondly, the bank had no more interest in my financial well-being only in their bottom line in duping as many consumers they could get a hook into acquiring debt rather than wealth.

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays upon us, banks, credit card and pay-day loan companies greedily await desperate shoppers who wish to purchase gifts for their loved ones and others.

The sad part of this yearly expression of showing one’s love is that this kind of love comes at a high price and each year, it is putting consumers deeper and deeper into debt and the separation of the real reason for the season.

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