Blessed and Highly Favored

And there came a voice to him, Rise, Peter; kill, and eat.
But Peter said, Not so, Lord; for I have never eaten any thing that is common or unclean
Acts 10: 13-14

“Oh child, I don’t have one thing to worry about, after all, I’m blessed and highly favored.”

A friend was facing a business dilemma that seemed impossible due to the fact that this friend had no financial backers and terrible credit.

Yet, observing closely the reaction of what looked like a business about to close its doors at any moment didn’t cause my friend to flinch.

The following day, she called me on the phone, screaming with excitement about how someone decided to invest in her.

Notice, I said, the person was investing in my friend and not so much in her failing business.

After calming down, she tells me that this particular investor found her spirit to be refreshing. And he even told her that she had ruined her own business. But he felt in his gut that she could rebound if she was willing to allow him to mentor her.

Several weeks later my friend called to give me an update on what was happening with her business and the investor who had chosen to mentor her.

“Things were going well, until I found out that he wasn’t saved,” my friend said in a nonchalant tone.

She continued.

“I appreciated him wanting to help me and all…but girl, I can’t have a non-believer teaching me anything. If you don’t believe in the Lord…you sure can’t be for me.”

There was a period of silence.

Once I got over the shock of my friend’s decision to cut off her business mentor, I felt the need to express my disappointment about her rational.

“Look here,” I told my friend. “I’m sorry to hear you severe your ties with this gentleman. But don’t you think that basing your decisions on if a person is saved or unsaved is pretty idiotic? After all, you worked for nearly twenty-something years with people who were saved and unsaved. And you didn’t quit your job…now did you?”

Then, I heard only the eerily sounds of static.

My friend had hung up the phone on me.

I redialed her phone, but it kept ringing.

What I found myself doing is coming up with all kinds of excuses as to why the phone went dead. Maybe it was accidentally disconnected or perhaps it was a bad connection. Or maybe she was on the other line.

Later that day, I made several attempts to reach her but she never answered her phone.

I haven’t spoken to my friend in weeks, but I am fine with that.

Subsequently, she will prayerfully come to recognize that if she is indeed, blessed and highly favored, that she will allow Jesus light to shine and make the change in the lives of others.

In the Book of Acts 10, we learn about Peter (a Jew and a disciple of Jesus) who was instructed to meet with Cornelius (a Gentile) a pious and devout man who sought to know more about God. Peter felt that he could not interact with a “gentile” because he considered gentiles to be unclean, and thereby, he was not at all comfortable meeting with him. Yet, Peter did obey God, understanding that the Gentiles were an important part of God’s plans.

Hopefully, my friend will have come to her senses and stop and think that on the possibility that perhaps God just may have sent her business mentor to her (an answered prayer).

Lastly, being blessed and highly favored isn’t a handle one should use, unless you are willing to understand the true meaning of loving thy neighbor as thy self.

Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of person;
Acts 10:34

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