Blaming Bland

Exodus 23:1 – Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness

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The news of a young woman committing suicide is of course sad.

The news of a young woman, who was pulled over for an alleged traffic violation, demanded to get out of her car with a threat of being lit up with a Taser and then later being held on the ground and complaining about being rough up is again, troubling.

The news of a young woman arrested and put in jail and the third day she is dead.

Has become somewhat of a usual pattern in some jails and prisons in the United States.

Sandra Bland demise has affected so many of us, regardless of one’s race or gender.

Here is yet another troubling instance whereby law enforcement, particularly, on a local level has called into question their competency to protect the public and not act as judge, prosecutor or executioner.

Now, a week later, the blame game begins with the Waller County Texas sheriff department and the District Attorney office declaring that Sandra Bland had acknowledged that she tried to commit suicide in 2014.

Blaming Bland is literally the ever-present blueprint of declaring that the victim is also the perpetrator.

Ms. Bland death is more than just a young woman being arrested for a minor traffic offense but rather that the arresting officer appeared to act out his resentment that she refused to show him respect as a man and perhaps also as a law enforcement officer.

Some people will say this incident has to do with race but others discount this as yet another overzealous member of law enforcement who overreacted in handling a driver who felt she did nothing wrong to get herself arrested.

Only God knows what truly is in a man’s heart.

I recalled a number of years ago when my family first moved to a suburban community in South Jersey that had a history of racism and bigotry in their police department.

One day, I had to go to the post office and leaving, I slowly pulled out of the parking space. Despite how carefully I tried to be, I lightly tapped the back bumper of another car. Knowing what I had done. I stopped my car to get out and leave my name and telephone in the car owner’s windshield.

However, when I got back into my car, the owner did come out of the store. As if the devil was waiting for me to squirm out of my responsibility, out jumps this loudmouth white detective, yelling at me.

“Hey! You know what you did?”

I nodded my head. “Yes,” I replied quietly.

“You know I could arrest you?” shouted this racist detective whose face had turned red as a rotten tomato.

Then, it was nothing but the power of the Holy Spirit that I found my voice within me.

I realized that this detective was trying to intimidate me and espouse his sense of power over what he conceived as someone not worthy of respect.

Before I knew it, I was responding back just as loud as he was speaking to me.

Now, I am not one who looks for trouble or is in the habit of disrespecting law enforcement officers, however, on this occasion, I did not bite my tongue.

As I drove away, I felt my flesh go to a level that reached a temperature that could have added another degree of fire in hell.

Now, here is the gist of all that madness.

The owner of the car that I accidentally bumped into, she never called me.

There was no damage done to the car, but the courtesy of letting the car owner be aware of what I had done was a sense of during what was and is right to do in a circumstance of this nature.

Now, I reiterate, that blaming Bland has now become a serious problem that has been added onto her untimely death and the district attorney in this matter is now dropping seeds of doubt about her mental state.

This D.A. is also adding fuel to an all ready tense situation by eluding that perhaps Sandra Bland was under the influence of marijuana and therefore a second autopsy must be done.


Blaming Bland is the final shoe that has been dropped that will pull America’s police and sheriff departments, district attorney offices and courts into a hole that will bury them under.

Blaming Bland will soon be undone.

Take a moment to pray.

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