Beyond the Racial Healing Challenge

For there is no respect of persons with God. Romans 2:11

There is a a racial healing challenge taking place on YouTube by Redneck Dixon. Now, before you prejudge this video, you need to really check his message out. It’s not about putting down white people, but he is asking for Americans to come together in racial healing.

Beyond the racial healing challenge we need to really examine ourselves inwardly.

You need to know that Redneck Dixon is an actor (Jorge Eugene Maron) but prefers to being called Dixon D. White. Having viewed his website, I don’t know if Mr. Dixon is genuine in his call for racial healing or if this is an act to bring attention to his acting ability. Nevertheless, the video does make one pause and think on the things he is expressing about white supremacy in America.

Redneck Dixon challenge is for others to respond with their own viral video to speak out for racial healing.

I notice that several people have taken on the challenge by sharing where they stand concerning racial issues in America.

Another video that I found quiet interesting is, the Dixon Challenge, Black version. This video is with a mother and daughter. The mother is so passionate about addressing the issues that are hurting black people that you will have to see this for yourself.

Then there is another video posted by a young Caucasian woman who wanted to share her family story concerning her bi-racial niece and nephew and the discrimination they have to put up with as young teens.

Now, I have to give you a warning that these videos have obscenities in its context based on their emotions in talking about their personal life stories and point-of-view; however, these videos are with real people, with real passion about genuine concerns that they wanted to get off their chest.

After looking at all three videos it reminded me that not only racial healing need to take place in America but also respect for life.

In 1960 Dr. Bob Jones Sr., founder of Bob Jones University spoke on Easter Sunday, April 17, 1960 about the justification of racism. I would like to say we have come a long way…but based on what is taking place in America today, I will hold off on that declaration until we are completely where God would want us to be.

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