Be Authentic

And Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, she judged Israel at that time. Judges 4:4

Nina Simone – Four Women

The film controversy surrounding the late singer Nina Simone caused me to reflect on how we as a present day society take for granted the true meaning of originality and authenticity, especially when it deals with talented, gifted and strong women.

While flipping through numerous television programs earlier this week, one talk show program caught my attention right away because of a particular incident that had captured social media.2016 Balloons

Now the subject matter had to deal with a well-known provocateur who I will not name, who took a nude selfie of herself and posted it on her Instagram. And as she calculated she had over one million people to view her photo.

However, what disappointed me about this segment of this talk show was a question posed by the principal host to the audience and viewers about if taking a nude selfie of oneself would be empowering for women. This question came about because this is what the well-known provocateur offer to those she perceives as hating on her.

Then for the sake of ratings, I suppose, two of the hosts said they had taken a nude selfie. One showed it on air while the other, decided not to reveal her selfie because she strongly felt that she was in the position to be a positive role model and didn’t want to put out a mix message to young girls as well as toward the black community. Good for her.

To be real, every woman has the power to empower themselves and others but it means removing false images that man has created for women and being satisfied with the authenticity that God created each one of us to be.

As we celebrate National Women’s History Month there isn’t anything more saddening than overshadowing the accomplishments of women in the past and present who have made and are making significant impact in the world.

Being authentic…Our History is Our Strength…that should make every woman stop and think about what they have poured out today for the next generation of young women waiting in line to put their authentic imprint in the world.

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