Are We Losing Ourselves?

For the terrible one is brought to nothing, The scornful one is consumed, And all who watch for iniquity are cut off—Isaiah 29:20

One of my grandsons told a few family members that he likes patronizing a particular neighborhood restaurant where he lives because the food is good there.

He continued with his story that when he does visit the restaurant he tends to be thrown shaded (a form of bullying) because some of the regulars think that he is weird because of his individual fashion preferences.

Needless to say, his story touch a nerve with me because I know that bullying in any form, openly or underhanded, is not acceptable.

Which brings me to the other topic of this post today that happens to be about the 11-year-old Tennessee school boy who was bullied at school during his lunch period.

Keaton Jones was so disturbed that he was being bullied and taunted while at school that he asked his mother to come and pick him up. Once his mother arrived at the school young Keaton asked her to video him appealing for others not to bully or be bullied. Of course, his appeal went viral.

When you view the video of Keaton you cannot help but feel this young child’s pain and anguish.

Right after Keaton video went viral another phase of bullying took place.

What was this bullying after the fact? I call it Social media bullying.

Not to be content with Keaton’s heartbreak, up jumps certain social media investigators who began to scope out the child’s mother Facebook page.

And of course, as those who are users of Facebook are aware of, some of Keaton’s mom’s postings and photos put a bad light on the mother as being a racist and bigot.

And because of social media investigation, the story of young Keaton’s plight was pushed to the side as some popular online and television media outlets raked his mother over the coals.

Keaton’s plea became his own mother’s burden.

We all have to stop at times and watch and listen to what is really taking place around us.

Are we losing ourselves to social media and smartphones?

Are we losing ourselves to believe that whatever we see or hear has no boundaries; therefore we can say and do whatever feels good. No matter whom it hurts?

Keaton Jones is in need of kindness, compassion and love and his mother needs forgiveness.

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